Kassen. A small town nestled within the Fangwood along the River Sein. Two hundred years ago, shortly after its founding, the town was attacked by a bunch of marauders and thieves let by Asar Vergas. Ekat Kassen, the town’s founder, led its citizens to victory, only to succumb to his wounds a few days later.


Victims of both sides of the battle, including Ekat and Asar, were buried in a memorial crypt two days travel from the town where an eternal flame was lit in memory of the greatness of its founder. Every year, on the anniversary of that battle, selected townsfolk travel to the crypt to light the memorial lantern in honor of Ekat Kassen.

This year, on the two hundredth anniversary of the battle, three young residents have been chosen by Mayor Jonark Uptal to light the Everflame Lantern. Those youths are:

  • Flynn a’Lynnalyn, a wandering elven cleric of Desna who arrived in the town a little over a year ago.
  • Krug, the half-orc blacksmith’s apprentice known for his kind heart and his firebrand temper.
  • Wood Creeper, a mysterious half-orc ranger who keeps to himself within the forest.


Family Ties

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