Braggar Ironhame

Dwavern blacksmith of Kassen


CN male dwarf expert 3/barbarian 2


Braggar is one of the two blacksmiths that service Kassen. This dour dwarf runs a small business on the south side of town. Although he is outpaced by his competitor (Renet’s Steel, near the town square), Braggar’s goods are of higher quality. Braggar is a surly mentor, capable of incredible fits of anger if one of his pieces is not turning out as planned. As such, he often has to spend time repairing his workshop, which only further slows down his work. Braggar’s teaching style focuses on craft and artifice, but he can also teach pupils about controlling their anger and unleashing it when the time is right.

Braggar is the adopted father of Krug.

Braggar Ironhame

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