This exceptionally hard wood comes from the súil-ghäel tree and is useful in the manufacture of armor and weapons. It derives its name from its silvery sheen. Unlike most woods, silverwood can be used instead of metal to fashion heavy armor and weapons—it is somewhat shapeable during manufacturing, and it keeps a sharp edge. Although dense and weighty compared to other woods, it is still lighter than steel: Items weigh 10% less when made from silverwood rather than metal.

Breastplate, banded mail, splint mail, halfplate, and full plate can be made from silverwood. Armor made of silverwood is somewhat less obtrusive than similar armor made of metal. The armor check penalty from silverwood armor and shields does not affect Stealth checks made in woodland environments.

Although silverwood can replace metal in most weapons, chain weapons such as the spiked chain cannot be made from it. Weapons made from silverwood have no special characteristics apart from their lighter weight.

All items, armor, and weapons crafted out of silverwood must be masterwork due to the skill required to shape silverwood.

Silverwood has hardness 10 and 20 hit points per inch of thickness. Medium armor costs an additional 4,000 gp and Heavy armor costs an additional 9,000 gp. All other silverwood items (including weapons) 500 gp per pound. These costs do not include the additional 300 gp required to craft a masterwork item.


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