Family Ties

A Green Dragon and Child

From the Journal of Flynn a’Lynnalynn, Cleric of Desna

page 187

After facing the undead form of Assar and his minions, we were understandably eager to head back to Kassen—no one more than I, to be honest. The dreary, evil nature of the tomb was lifted by the lighting of Kassen’s flame, but it seemed like weeks since I had breathed fresh air and stretched my legs in the open spaces, Desna be praised, though it was only three days since we departed on our journey.

We set the tomb as right as we could, destroying remnants of the creatures and undead where we could, and collecting the bodies and gear from the unfortunate townsfolk who came to prepare the site for the ceremony. We buried the townsfolk just outside the entrance to the tomb, I prayed to Desna that they would find peace, and we headed back north to town.

Along the way, we stopped near the lake where we had found the dead body near the spoor of some large beast. We decided to see id we could coax the beast out of the water with some game—Woodcreeper hunted a deer in the nearby woods, and we collared and staked it near the water’s edge. Then we waited, safely hidden in the treeline. Our plan was a success—if you call luring a huge five headed snake out of the water to feed a “success”. Any thoughts of staying hidden were dashed when one of the heads turned directly toward us and hissed. Our cover blown, we engaged the beast—I summoned a wolf to assist us, and Krug and Woodcreeper both leapt into the fray with mighty battle cries. The battle may not have gone our way, but a mysterious figure appeared, and joined the fight.


Malaryal MrGrenadine

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