Physical Description: Trollkin are large; the smallest of them are on par with the largest of men. Their thick, freckled skin is pale gray touched blue and green in places, their irises so colorless their eyes appear stark white, they have overly large three-fingered hands and three-toed feet, spiny protrusions on the backs of the it heads and necks, and their sonorous voices are not easily misjudged. Indeed, they are captivating singers and some males are so powerful they are known to utilize their articulations as actual weapons. Others among them have been “blessed,” born with sorcerous abilities. A trollkin sorcerer is easily marked, as they are smaller than their kin, with stark white skin bereft of any coloration. These sorcerers are held in high regard among their people.

Society: For the trollkin, the ethno-tribal way of life has never faded. Every trollkin is a member of a tightly knit clan called a kith, who are often related by blood, with neighboring kith considered a kriel, a trollkin word meaning “people.” It is believed that as many as 200 kriel exist throughout western hinterlands. The elder kith of a kriel are called the Circle of Stones, and it is these who regulate and establish trollkin customs, laws, and religion. Indeed, trollkin culture is lavish in their colors and decorations and every kith has a quitari, a tartan pattern that distinguishes their kith, which is sometimes worn as a sash around the waist or over the shoulder and incorporated on banners and pennons. In fact, trollkin are skilled weavers and dyers. They take great pride in their complex and elaborate patterns that boggle most viewers, especially non-trollkin, and this skill is certainly one of their inroads to human communities.

The order inherent in the trollkin way of life is reflected in their stonemasonry—some of the oldest existing architecture—and their various cultural habits. Indeed, they are noted as the oddest of the enlightened races, with their strange mating rituals, their traditional way of greeting one another through the _tohmaak_—young bravos and warriors, in fact, tend to greet one another with a solid headbutt—their peculiar diet of vastly undercooked, sometimes raw, foodstuffs, and their impressive vocal range.

If anything, trollkin truly have a great capacity for song. Males have exceptionally gifted vocal cords, capable of a warbling chant known as “fell calling.” In fact, so powerful is this trill vocalization that some use it as a weapon, and to great effect.


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